TAF Flagship

Boosting over 700sqft of floor space, a high ceiling and with sound dampening curtain on all 4 sides, the Flagship room is designed for the ultimate jamming experience. Suited for a wider range of music genre, bands can also utilize hidden mirrors to improve on their stage presence! For a live jam experience, one can request to have all instruments to be mic up. Creating own sound mixes for their next gig is now possible.

Music Backline
1 X Pantheon 5 Piece Kit
1 X Ampeg PF500 w 410 HLF Classic
2 X Marshall JCM 2000 + Cabinet

Sound Reinforcement
1 X Midas M32 R
2 X Turbosound iQ15 FOH
5 X Turbosound iQ10 Floor Monitors
Audio Technica Microphone Collection

TAF Rock

For the rockers from the 80s to head banging metal music, this rock specific rooms complies a list of high wattage amplifiers for a one of a kind experience. TAF Rock room are spec for heavier genre music. Double Pedal are included in the room by default.

1 X Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece w/ double pedal
1 X Hartke 3500 Head with 115 + 210 Cabinet
2 X Marshall MG100HCFX + Cabinet

Sound Reinforcement
2 X Turbosound iQ10
2 X Shure PG58 Microphone
1 X Yamaha MG10 Mixer

Roving Equipment

Korg SV1 – $5 per usage
Korg Trinity – $5 per usage

Fender Squier Black – $2 per usage
Guitar Amplifier – $5 – 10 per usage

Fender P Bass – $2 per usage

Pantheon Drum Sticks – $8 per pair
Double Pedal – $5 per usage

Additional Charges

1) Room rates are solely used for rehearsal usage only. Extra charges are incurred for private event, seminar, workshop and gigs.
2) Room rates are for up to 8 pax in a room. For rehearsal that demands higher head count, rates are stated as below :
8-15 Pax – $50/HR
15-20 Pax – $75/HR

Damage and Liabilities

1) Should you want to use equipment that are not stated on the above. Please kindly do ask for permission or charges will be incurred for the usage of equipment outside of our equipment list.
2) Should item be damaged during rehearsal session, do kindly inform us and a 50% split charge will be incurred to the band. If damaged items are not informed, a 100% charge plus a $50 admin fee will be incurred. All rooms are fitted with security cameras.

Rock Room

$25per hour

  • off peak $20

Flagship Room

$35per hour

  • off peak $30

Gig Charges

$$150per hour

  • $120/HR without Lights