Are you organising the wedding OUTDOOR?  Or you are expecting more than HUNDRED of guests for the wedding? Or you are inviting GUEST PERFORMERS on stage to showcase their talent to the guests?

IF you have answered “YES” for either of the questions, you will need the support of a sound system to reinforce this special event.

Gone are the days where we expect a wedding dinner to just having banquet and toast for the couple. To make the event SPECIAL, couple are spending more time on the organising or they will engage wedding planner to provide their expertise in this area. However, when you are trying to do the above, many hotels in Singapore are not equipped to provide the sound system to reinforce the audio.

Here are also some of the other reasons you will need to consider to consult a professional audio visual production house when organising the wedding:

  • An improper speaker placement or gain structure of a microphone might send piercing feedback throughout your hall irritating guest.
  • Being tied down to a budget, a couple might save on the number of speakers suggested for a certain venue. This will cause an uneven distribution of volume throughout the hall.

It is therefore important to understand the need for a professional sound engineer to be on stand-by for your event.

TAF Sound Systems Includes
A) 4 X JBL/Turbosound Speakers
B) 1 X Yamaha 16 Channel Mixer
C) 2 X Shure SM58 SLX Wireless Microphone
D) 1 X Soundman
Optional :
E) Subwoofers
Essential if you have a DJ in your performance list and are looking for your guest to be dancing!
F) Live Band Entertainment
An extended service that we provide. Our list of bands includes artiste that performs in Timbre, Wala Wala and many more!
Let us know, and we will be more then happy to introduce their services to you!
All bookings comes with TAF pledge of dedication to your event. We welcome all enquires on the 24 hours basis to clear all the doubts you might have.
What sets us apart
Most reinforcement companies lease these equipments and to an uneducated consumer, as long as sound are heard from the speakers it’s suffice. But it’s important to note that music plays a major segment to this important day. It sets the mood for wedding couple and the guests! Songs brings back memories!