The sound production course is targeted at youth (13 – 20) with a keen interest in developing their craft as a sound engineer. This is a one of a kind course (6 month) which introduces the job scope of a sound engineer to the participating students. The course will feature many hands on application and students would take on shows held by SCAPE to build on their confidence.

Program Outline

1) Instructional Modules
The course will feature a weekly 1 hour long MASTER CLASS Session. The session consist of theory classes from instructor followed by a hands on practical session where students will take turns do hone their craft through practice and discussion. Total of 12 classes per 6 months program.

2) Practical Modules
The course will also build on the students confidence as a live sound engineer by undertaking live sound project of varying difficulty. The student engineer will be group together as a team and partner with a band when they are doing rehearsals. Total of 12 classes per 6 months program.


Analog Mixer and Signal Flow
Analog Outboard Gear and EQ
Music Backline Reinforcement
Live Stage Set Up and Use
Active/Passive Loudspeaker System
Introduction to Digital Console
Midas M32 Console Workflow
Introduction to In-Ear Monitors
Microphone Theory
Microphone Techniques
Wireless Microphone Theory
AC Power Distribution

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Course Start Date : 1st Jan 2017
Course Venue : TAF @ SCAPE Flagship Room
Course Fee : $120/month