Sound Reinforcement
Where achieving perfect sound consistently is a feat, our audio solutions are specifically designed around the physical characteristics of every venue we work in.

As no two venues are the same, our dedicated team of experienced sound engineers will always propose a best suited distributed sound system where multiple loudspeakers are positioned around a venue to ensure guests are able to hear those all-important speeches perfectly, regardless of their position.

Compact loudspeakers and sleek stands are utilised to complement the venue surroundings.

Lighting Reinforcement
Beautiful and elegant lightings is essential in setting the mood and visually boosting any event spaces, and thus our lighting designs are specifically created to show off  the best of any space, through accentuating architectural details and providing the perfect backdrop for each event.

Where an event brief demands the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, we also offer stunning and dynamic lighting designs by incorporating moving fixtures and eye-catching effects to perfectly match your entertainment.

Video Reinforcement
Visual content is often the backbone of any event experience, especially where it conveys brand messaging or is designed to inspire your audience.

We have invested heavily in the latest video technology to ensure this critical component of your event is delivered to the very highest standard. When combined with our in-house expertise in all things visual, we can provide a  one-stop solution which includes content creation, video production and seamless technical delivery.


Rental of Visual Equipment such as
– Projector / Projector Screen
– LCD / LED / Plasma / Touch-Screen / 3D TV
– Projector Lamp Supplier

Rental of Staging Platform
– PS ProFlex Staging
– PS Spider Staging
All Stagings are TUV Approved with Certification for indoor / outdoor events.